When my daughter was young, she was plagued by fevers. They were not just relegated to when we were home, every time we traveled we’d end up with a quick visit to the ER to check out her fever—usually low-grade, usually nothing to worry about—but we were getting on a plane and I didn’t want to take chances with a ruptured ear drum or other disaster at 30,000 feet.
This thermometer is one I’d pack (and use at home). It’s fairly durable, she could maybe play with it on the plane, and I love that it tracks the temperatures. A fun game I used to play was track the temperature: Had it gone down? Had it gone up? I know my thermometer is supposed to flash a previous temp before, but I keep pressing the button and have no idea if I’ve deleted the last temp or not. Pre-order Tony Tempa HERE. Stay tuned for the Master Bater, Male Fertility Tester. I kid you not.