Over the hill and through the wood —the well-worn path of holiday getaways can easily turn into a rut. This week we’re featuring easy and not-so-traditional holiday trips that can turn the season bright for everyone in the family. DAY THREE: THE FAMILY ROADTRIP

photoA Roadtrip
At moments taking a roadtrip can feel like you’ve made a left turn into one of Dante’s circles of suffering (the one with the whining, seat kicking and occasional barfing) but with a little planning a road trip can be wonderful family time spent without a ton of distractions, chores, etc. The key is to chunk out the drive time into manageable increments (which depends on the age and temperament of your kids), and to stock up on kids audio books, car activities and snacks. Here are some
great tips on taking a road trip with kids and some itineraries to get you started. Once you catch the bug, you may want to invest in some of Lonely Planet’s roadtrip guide books.