Over the hill and through the wood—The well-worn path of holiday getaways can easily turn into a rut. This week we’re featuring easy and not-so-traditional holiday trips that can turn the season bright for everyone in the family. DAY FOUR: GET KITCHY

castle-crags-in-background[1]Railroad Park Resort, Mt. Shasta, CA

Get Kitchy
Choosing a hotel often comes down to very practical considerations: location, price and amenities. But when you choose based on personality alone, you open yourself up to a whole new world of options. Harkening back to the time before every off-ramp was overrun by the big hotel chains, a stay at a one-of-a-kind, themed-based hotel feels like an adventure all unto itself. The thread counts may be a bit lower and water pressure subject to change, but the memories you’ll make will be worth one night of going with the flow. Here’s a few to get you inspired: The Railroad Park Resort near Mt. Shasta, CA and The Wigwam Village Inn near Mammoth Caves, KY. (Tip: Bring along a themed gift to for the kids so you can avoid the gift shop.)