Over the hill and through the wood—The well-worn path of holiday getaways can easily turn into a rut. This week we’re featuring easy and not-so-traditional holiday trips that can turn the season bright for everyone in the family. DAY FIVE: A CLOSE-TO-HOME CABIN

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A Close-to-Home Cabin with Friends or Family

Who says you have to go to some far-flung destination to rent a cabin with friends? Renting a nearby vacation home or cabin means you can skip the travel time and still have a relaxing getaway. A night or two away at someone else’s home where every minute of potential downtime isn’t spent tackling laundry or cleaning closets can be a real recharge. Travel with friends and the kids can entertain each other, while the adults can divvy up meals and other tasks. This time of year is off-season for many cabins on sites like Airbnb, so great deals are to be had. Pack some games and puzzles for unplugged cabin-fun.

image courtesy Airbnb