We have to admit, until June, we were very much on the fence about wearables. The Fuelband and the Fitbit did turn our heads, but still we couldn’t full commit. Maybe it is our allergy to the whole Quant Self movement that has held us back or maybe it’s because they still feel a bit too ‘wearable tech’. But June changes all that. Both helpful personal technology—it takes the guesswork out of sun exposure and alerts you when its time to reapply the spf—June’s demurely chic looks make it a covetable accessory in its own right. We’d happily stroll the boardwalk wearing one of these.
Produced by Netamo and designed by Camille Toupet, who lists Balmain, Chloé and Louis Vuitton as other clients, June works by capturing the sun’s rays in a tiny photovoltaic piece set in the bracelet’s gem. From there it works like any other smart device: Sync it to your smartphone and you’re off. It also sends personalized tips (time for a hat!) based on your skin profile so you can enjoy your time in the sun without worrying if your skin will pay for it later.
$100, available Spring 2014

Images: courtesy Netamo