Malouf’s Mountain Sunset Camping, Beacon NY
For those living in the urban jungle, making an escape into actual wildlife can be next to impossible. As for camping? Forget about it. When you’re already tight for space, storing a tent, propane stove and all the other required gear is just not going to happen. Malouf’s Mountain Sunset Campground puts all those barriers aside. Located an hour and half train ride from Manhattan campers are picked up by Malouf in his green bus and taken to the site where they can choose their hike in point, from a 5 hour hike to 30 minutes. (Warning-the hike is fairly steep.) All you need is a sleeping bag, flashlight and toiletries. Malouf sets up your tent(s) on a raised platform, and even drops off ‘chow boxes’ full of food and cooking supplies. Your only job: communing with a whole new breed of wildlife. 

Image credits: bridgeandtunnelclub