I can personally relate to today’s Throwback Thursday photo. Like many other girls in growing up in the South, I too practiced the art of baton twirling. I was really just in it for the outfits though, never going as far as winning Nationals at Notre Dame University like Hilah Hadaway Williams, the cutie in this photo. I love this photo because it captures the abundance of childhood hope and determination. I would get up every day at 6am and twirl for 2 hours before going to school. I would feel such glee each time my mother had to take me to the shoe store to buy a new pair of twirling shoes (signature white Keds) because the soles would develop holes,” recalls Hilah. Today, she’s a major power broker with Town Residential Real Estate, NYC. Want to see more awesome photos by Hilah? Join her thousands of followers on instagram @hilahbelle

Here’s what’s happening the world of baton twirling today.

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