Stuck at the airport with kids? Overnight?! Don’t panic…here’s a guide on what to do: 

Whether from weather, oversold flights or some other ‘act of god’, at some point we all end up stuck at the airport uncomfortably trying to settle into the airport lounge seats and trying to fashion our carry-on into some sort of foot and/or headrest. With kids in tow, the airport delay is an especially trying event. This article to surviving the dreaded airport overnight has some great tips and ideas: the ins and outs of airline lounges, which flight to choose to ensure that you’ll be aboard when the cruise ship sets sail and many more ideas that will arm you—at least mentally—in the event of flight delay. It does not give any ideas on handling the flight partners who obsessively check The Weather Channel for days leading up to departure, but that perhaps, is for another article altogether.

Read it Here: Sleeping at the Airport: Family Travel Delay Guide

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Image: Aaron Pollack’s work for Air New Zealand’s Customer Innovation + Collaboration Centre