Our love of travel-themed Valentines gifts continue with Part II of our gift guide. Happy gifting!

Scrubba washbag
The Scrubba packs flat for travel, but fill it with water and a little detergent and you’ll have a machine-quality wash done in under 5 minutes. A slightly nubbed surface inside the bag helps gently remove grease and grime (or spaghetti sauce and milk from dinner) easier and with less cost and hassle than sending laundry out or the DIY version in the hotel sink/campground shower.


Travel Scarf
All new moms should be gifted with a cozy travel scarf as they leave the hospital (or by the midwife before she leaves the house). An easy, fashionable layer to just toss on as you leave the door, in a pinch it doubles as a baby blanket, a toddler wrap or a makeshift pillow for the tween. This one by White and Warren is especially cozy and comes in a range of classic colors.


 Not All Who Wander Print
Celebrate the last family road trip in a customizable print by Paperfinch.

90e25ea06da5a0627f9d98eb3fbc3823Indoor Tuckaire Kids Travel Bed
This inflatable mattress has a huge advantage over regular blow-up beds—besides its stylish looks—its raised sides keeps kids safe and in place. Designed for kids 2-6, the Tuckaire comes with its own pump and inflates quickly. It’s great for hotels, sleepovers, grandparents or indoor family campouts. Also available in toddler sizes, and in an outdoor version with a tougher bottom and fitted sleeping bag.

Feature_3dZipsBaggu 3D Zips
We rarely leave home without our Baggu 3-fer shopping bag pack and now they’ve come to our rescue with a line of 3D Zips made just for travel. Thanks to their rip-stop nylon, Baggus expand to carry a surprisingly large amount of stuff while still being wonderfully lightweight. Yes, yes, they’re hardly little workhorses, but what we really love are their bright, fashion-right colors.

 Leica C
As beautiful to look at as it is to use, The Leica C features it’s own built-in WiFi/NFC module, allowing users to wirelessly transfer images to their phones and tablets. The camera can be controlled remotely using the smart device of your choice and it also comes with photo editing software. Family portrait time!

L.L. Bean Boat & Tote
With one use you’ll see why L.L. Bean’s Boat & Tote has become a classic. Use it as a carry on and then every day during your beach vacation. Or skip the flight and use it at the pool, the lake, the Little League game…

Tile Tracker
Put a Tile on your keys or luggage and track them with your smartphone.

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