Parents are always being enticed by the benefits and ease of a staycation, but does it really live up to the hype? 

Staycations make a lot of sense… Parents with young children (especially those families with two working parents) don’t always have the time to get away, never mind actually planning a getaway. Plus, no jet lag! But when we finally make the effort to take the time off, is it really rewarding to kick around the same ol’ town or do we only get that recharge when we get out of dodge? We recently caught up with Victoria Kelly (Creative Director of Citrus Lane), and Robert Kelly (Co-Executive Producer at CBS), two very busy parents living in Los Angeles with their son, Jack,  who recently tried on the staycation on for size.

KU So where did you go?
VK The Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Rey

KU You live in the area, it was a ‘staycation’…did you really feel like it was a getaway?
VK Absolutely! You wouldn’t believe what driving 30 minutes and staying at a great hotel will do.Getting on a plane or driving more than an hour with a toddler is enough anxiety to ruin a perfectly good trip. A staycation removes all of the stress while giving you the things you want most… changing things up with our kiddo, clean sheets, and breakfast in bed!

The pool was a great perk for the family.

The pool was a great perk for the family.


Many hotels, like the Ritz-Carlton, have hit a great balance of making their properties family-friendly and relaxing for those traveling without kids.

KU What were some highlights of your stay?
VK The Ritz Carlton hotels have become very kid-friendly, thus they are happy to accommodate things like picky eaters and tantrums in the lobby. We loved staying in Marina Del Rey because Jack got to check out the hundreds of boats in the dock. Also, they have several tennis courts with instructors that are used to working with young kids, a basketball court, and a lovely spa for mommy.

KU Any tips for others planning a staycation of their own?
VK Look for things that you don’t have at home. For instance, we live in the hills in a house without a pool, so staying near the beach or at a place with a pool feels super special. Make sure that the hotel has something for you. Whether it be a spa, yoga lessons or wine tastings in the afternoon.

Update: Victoria, Robert and Jack loved their staycation so much that they did it again 3 weeks later at Casa Del Mar, a fantastic 5 star hotel in Santa Monica. Note: Casa Del Mar is owned by Shutters which is located directly next door.
Pro Tip: With kids, you want to stay on the second floor on the east side of the hotel. You are ground level, steps from the beach for the same price as the majority of the other room that are much further away.

Somebody didn't want this staycation to ever end.

Somebody didn’t want this staycation to ever end.

View of the pool and harbor from the Ritz Carlton, Marina del Rey.

View of the pool and harbor from the Ritz Carlton, Marina del Rey.