Making their First Ski a Great Ski

Getting kids out on the snow for the first time can be daunting. It’s cold, potentially wet and windy, and well, it’s cold! We recently checked in with long-time skiers Pete & Anna as they took their daughter, Mabel, out on the slopes. Here’s their tips for a successful first-time ski experience with kids.


KU Which resort did you choose for Mabel’s first time out on the snow?
ANNA We went to Loveland

KU Pluses and minuses of the resort?
ANNA Pluses were…
-Proximity to Denver (40 minute drive, on the east side of Eisenhower tunnel)
-Learning area is separate from more advanced area (meaning easy/close parking, small base area)
-Kids 5 and under ski free; I only had to pay $25 for access to the beginner lift instead of paying for a full-price ticket for all mountain access
Minuses were…
-Crowds get thick on popular days due to proximity to Denver, but that is really true of any resort within spitting distance of the front range.

KU Any advice or tips for parents with first-time skiers this season?
ANNA Keep it short and sweet. We started out with hot chocolate with the window view of the bunny slope to get her in the spirit. Getting her excited and wanting to try skiing was half the battle, we’ve been talking it up a LOT and it worked. We’re also using a couple of accessories for the first times out: a kids’ ski training harness and tip connectors. We picked a day with nice weather, too, so freezing hands and noses didn’t ruin it.

KU What’s your favorite ski resort for kids and without?
ANNA Keystone and Breckenridge have a LOT to offer kids.  Without the kids, we’d probably hit A-Basin or Silverton (once we’re in shape enough to handle all the hiking). Copper Mountain is also amenable to both family-oriented and non-family-oriented good times.

KU So, it was a good first time out?
ANNA Yes. I think she’ll be excited to get out again. I know we will be!