A neatly packed suitcase is like the perfect vacation. Constantly aspired to but in reality, always come with a wrinkle or spill or two. In our quest to perfect the pack, we’ve tried most of the better-known techniques….rolling, stuffing, vacuum bags. But bundle wrapping? Completely new territory for us.
We first stumbled upon the technique on Quora. We were transfixed.

Could this be the answer to all our packing woes? A packing system that delivers maximum economy and minimum wrinkling? Ready to learn more, we found a wonderfully thorough step-by-step guide to bundle wrapping, or interleaving (or is he saying interweaving?) produced by Heathrow Airport. Fantastic!

The two above methods rely heavily on the bundle, but not for every, not sock, undergarment, and other soft item. To include every article of clothing, there’s the full-on bundle pack.

With this method every item goes into the wrap (aka the garment burrito). And while it may deliver maximum space saving it demands pretty much a complete unpack just to get to that fresh pair of socks unless you meticulously plan your layers. And while there is some merit, if not straight-up bragging rights to achieving that level of pack planning, we prefer to put that time and energy into researching our destination’s best street food instead.