Sleepaway camp suitcase, packed with dirt, sand and memories.

Sleepaway camp suitcase, packed with dirt, sand and memories.

I’m not one to drop the fun of a campout at the front door, but I prefer it to enter my home in the form of campfire songs now sung around the dinner table, not in laundry baskets that sit like a smoldering wood fire or dirt and sand turning up in cracks and crevices of all sorts for weeks on end which is the reality of camping. S’mores are delicious, but they are a sticky camp mess that I’d sometimes prefer not to deal with.



Summer means dirt and grime of all sorts. Campouts, sunscreen, day camps, cookouts…lovely, all of it, but my eco-friendly laundry detergent could not keep up. Plus, I was ready to switch since realizing it had been greenwashing—claiming 100% all natural ingredients but in fact, using synthetic surfactants.

 “You can’t check into the Post Ranch Inn with kids, but your towels can smell as good as theirs.”

All-natural but hard-working and convenient is the holy grail of my cleaning product search. I somehow stumbled upon the fact that The Post Ranch Inn uses Vaska (as do a few of your other favorite boutique hotels, as well as the SF Giants ), so I decided to give this ‘perfect’ laundry detergent a spin.

Don't let the good looks fool you, Vaska gets to work on dirt.

Don’t let the good looks fool you, Vaska gets to work on dirt.

Founded in 1999 by a fashion designer living in Berkeley, Vaska’s been quietly and patiently doing detergent right for nearly two decades. Perfectly non-toxic, and beautiful in your laundry area, I was thrilled to discover that Vaska works. Hard. Clothes from the tent and day camps went straight into the washer, no pre-treating, emerging de-greased, de-dirted, de-grassed, de-camp fired but without any additional wear-and-tear or fading. Digging a little further, I found this performance report in a washoff conducted by the Association of Linen Management. No surprise then that Vaska has done so well with the my summer camp wash.

I also packed the tablets for travel, using them for the quick, mid-trip wash. The tablets break in half (or less) for smaller loads, and I even left one out to help clear out the musty scent of our rental. Hooked. I’m totally hooked. Now you can be too. Enter below to win a year’s supply of Vaska laundry detergent.

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